Secrets revealed: The new Braunfels smoker company

Braunfels smoker is one of the most unique and most versatile smoker plus grill on the market. This is an extra large smoker grill with a gigantic metallic body. After dominating the USA smoker market from world war II till recent times, recently the production of the old design has been suspended for until further notice. Although replacement and parts related supports are still provided by the new Braunfels smoker company. But for the ones who appreciate the classic designs, there are several new designs inspired from the classic Braunefels smoker that they would go for. But the question of what happened to the production of the old ones and what is the latest update on new Braunfels smoker company still remains?  Well, this article is all about that.

Reason for suspending the production of Braunfels smoker

Recently Char-broil bought the Braunfels company to get rid of the competition. Braunfels was doing well with their classy smoker cum grills, but with the recent isolation of electric smokers in the market, it was not upto the mark. Let’s face it; the enormous size of a class Braunfels with its 740 square inch iron build cooking chamber and 308 square inch chamber for fuel and the firebox is not something that every household could have. The total area of this gigantic smoker is around 1,038 square inches, which is at least 5 to 6 times larger than the usual smokers available on the market. Such discrepancies, clearly shows the reason why Braunfels smokers were lacking in competition and it was time for them to go out of the business

Beside it’s size; the fuel consumption of such classic smoker cum grills was highly expensive as well. Records show that the fuel expense of a classic Braunfels smoker is 4 to 5 times higher than any modern smoker or grills on the market. As every classic Braunfels smoker has large food chambers (almost 20 inch diameter) with heated warming plates, it obviously needs more heat and fuel than other smokers in the market. As a result, it couldn’t meet the benchmark to stay with the market flow and at last failed.

How to get a Braunfels smoker?

Heard about the new Braunfels BBQ company? Well, this is something which made most of the classic smoker and grill lovers happy. As Braunfels smoker has a classic connection with the people of America, the war veterans could not imagine doing BBQ on any other smoker then on a classic braunfel. They were looking for the classic Braunfels to have the same old smoke and BBQ taste that was prevailing with the classic ones rather than the new ones. Electric ones were never good for their love for a classic cat iron spring style Braunfels. So, to meet up the demand, Char-Broil has come up with the new Braunfels trademark for their recent smokers which are also available in smaller sizes and are designed similar to the old classic Braunfels. They do not take too much space, but their heavy gauge metal still make them one of the heaviest smoker plus grills on the market. Some of them also come with steel wheels which helps to move the smokers from one place to the other though.

Leading Braunfels smoker models

If you are currently looking for a Braunfels for yourself, then there are a couple of the models which seem to be doing really well in the market. Their affordable price and size have made them the number one choice for the classic grill lovers as well. To start with, you can go for 03205600, 03204525, 09201508 from the New Braunfels. These models are easy to install and have extensive support for parts and technical problem.