How to build an awesome bbq islands in 5 easy steps

If you have a big backyard and are a BBQ lover then building a BBQ island or to build a kitchen island could prove to be the most awesome thing to do to enrich your outdoor interior. This extra cooking facility will help you a lot you build reputation as a BBQ lover in your surroundings and will be also helpful, if you are into throwing BBQ parties frequently.

Normally BBQ islands are in two types

One is a single grill, BBQ and the other one is obviously a double grill BBQ island. According to your budget, space and your taste, you can go with any of the mentioned BBQ island you want.

If you are looking for the perfect instructions on how to build a BBQ island of your own, then you have come to the right place. Here are 5 steps to build an awesome BBQ island:

  1. Designing the island

Before going for all the stones and rubbles, you have to have a perfect design for the island. As BBQ islands come in various sizes and shapes, you have to have a design done by local contractors or interior designers. The indoor or electric smokers which you currently use also has a great influence in the designing process of a BBQ smoker. If you have a top quality electric smoker at your home already then it would save you both money and labor cost for while planning to build your own BBQ islands.

To save money on outdoor built in grill, you can check out some of the best electric smoker review online, to choose which smokers are better and which are not.

  1. Constructing the metal structure

As you are done with the design, now it’s time to build the metal structure. If you have a detail and perfect design concept for your outdoor BBQ island, with a little bit of craftsman experience, you can build this metal structure by yourself within 1-2 days.

The structure will normally have the outer structure and the inner box’s to put your smokers and grills. Ask your interior designer to provide you with a detail design so that you can get the perfect design concept for your outdoor BBQ island.

  1. Placing the backer boards

As now you are done with building the steel or aluminum structure of your outdoor built in grill, the next stop in out how to build a grill island or how to build a BBQ island is setting up the backer boards. These are very flexible boards, which you can resize and place easily to cover up the excess areas of your  island. These boards and very light and costs less than hardboard sheets.

  1. Placing your existing smokers

Now it’s time to grab a smoker and put it into our island. As you have already blocked the excess part of the island with backer boards, placing the electric smokers should not be heard. Avoid putting too much cable and tools within the island. If you don’t have any electric smoker in your house, then you have to build a custom on within the island. This will bleed more money from your pocket and you will face more hassle in the long run. So, going for electric smokers that matches the size of your BBQ island plans would be a very good idea.

       5.  Put some style in it

Let’s bring some style in the BBQ island. According to your taste and budget, you can put ceramics, stone beads or just simply paint-all around the island to make it look beautiful. Do whatever you like to make the place look awesome and there is no regulation about that at all. Just remember to make the island an awesome place to hangout and a place which is dry.

Let’s fire up some grills

Now you are all prepared and might have a draft plan about how your BBQ island is going to look like. As your BBQ island is not going to build itself, lets gets started and build an awesome island.

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