Easy bbq island plans for beginners

3 must know facts about  BBQ island plans 

BBQ islands are awesome. If you search for BBQ island plans for beginners on the internet, then consider yourself lucky if you find any. As a BBQ lover, I faced the same problem myself. Most of the built in grill plans and outdoor BBQ plans, which I came across were mostly for builders or for expert BBQ cooks. So, in short; I couldn’t find the perfect outdoor BBQ island plans, do it yourself guide, that I was looking for.  I wanted something custom made. I wanted something that would match my backyard environment perfectly. So, I made a list with in-depth details on 3 must know things for a beginner to know about BBQ island plans.

Electric or custom grill?

Most of the few built-in grill plans or bbq island plans do it yourself, which I have come crossed, suggested that one should go for customized grill or smokers as they look pretty and goes with the island style. But this is not something that I would recommend. While I was doing my initial calculation, I found that customized grills, increases my budget by 145% to 165% more than what I have planned for. Which is not a good thing to have at all.

So, I went out and did some research by myself. Asked some major local BBQ retailers and also read more about outdoor grill island plans on the internet. Local publications on backyard decoration and BBQ building guides helped a lot in this case. My findings show that by buying the essential smoker and grills from some of the best smokers, I don’t have to spend excess money on custom grills at all. In fact, using electric smokers to build a custom backyard BBQ island will save your lot of money in the long run as well. If you are shorter on budget, rather than going for the gas grills or classic charcoal grills; I highly suggest you to go for electric smokers.

Brick, wood or stone?

While making your BBQ island plans, you have to choose the material to be used for building a BBQ island outer shape. While doing outdoor BBQ plans, people choose materials like brick, wood or stone to cover up the exterior structure of the island. Which one is best for you? Well, depends on how much you are interested to spend on your outdoor grill island planning and building. Obviously, stone will cost you more than brick and wood respectively. If you want longevity and decoration at the same time within your budget, then the best choice would be to go for bricks which is the most preferred option in the market. But do remember to consult your outdoor grill island plans with some of the local craftsman as they would able to help you with the cheapest and most effective option to go with.

Fuel, charcoal or electricity?

If you read some of the best electric smoker reviews, you will find that bbq smoker and grills helps to save fortunes on outdoor BBQ plans and built in BBQ plans. As charcoals and fuels are expensive and you have to go through a lot more hassle than needed, I have found electric ones to be the option which most of the island owners tend to go for. As electricity is easy to manage and you do not have to go through the extra work to collect wood and fuel before every one of your BBQ parties. An electric smoker saves both time and money for a BBQ owner, in both long and short term. So, if you ask my opinion about the perfect fuel for your outdoor grill island plans, then I would definitely go with electricity rather than fuel or charcoal.

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