Why you should read the best smokers reviews before ordering

Electric Smokers are awesome. If you have a taste for BBQ or grills, but don’t have the space in your house to have a large scale smoker then buying one of the best electric smokers is the solution for you. But with hundreds of smokers and grills in the market, it is tough to pick the perfect one. I searched online for the perfect solution and for the perfect qualities of the best smoker to buy. But there were lot’s of information and I was lost under the pile of unnecessary information. After some found some very good links to quality reviews which saved me more than 60% of my budget to buy my smoker and also made me changed by mind to choose a better smoker and grill. And I highly recommend you as well to read between the lines of some of the best electric smoker reviews before taking out your credit card.

So, what are the reasons that led me to take time and read some of the best reviews before going through the ordering process? Here is why.

Relevant optimized options

If you visit sites like amazon and ebay, you will find more than hundreds and thousands of options on a single niche. For example, if you want to buy one of the best electric smokers in town, I recommend not to go to amazon. As getting bombarded with hundreds of options with thousands of reviews is not the best way to make up one’s mind. From my experience I can suggest you to go for top review sites like mybestsmoker.com. This is an absolutely amazing site with the best collection of smokers and grills.

Best discount offers

I choose to shop online because that way I can get the best deals in the market with less huss. As online shops have very few expenses, they tend to provide a whole lot of discounts to their customers. If you have experience of shopping on amazon or ebay, I am sure you know what I mean.

But there is more.

If you are looking for the best smoker to buy on the market, then you should buy that from mybestsmoker.com. As they have price quotes to help you get the perfect smoker within your budget. Plus, they will also provide you necessary resources like discounted wooden briquettes and awesome BBQ and smoker recipe books which you can not find in any place else. Why not give it a try?

The good, the bad and the offer

As most of the reviews on leading sites are all about positivity and upsell, in the case of smokers and grills; mybestsmoker.com site is totally neutral. I have 4-5 reviews on best BBQ/meat smoker from mybestsmoker and found every piece of information that I needed to know to take the perfect buying decision. This is not about upsell at all. For example, I thought that it would be nice to have a Bradley Digital electric smoker for my house which I can also take out my backyard time to time. But after reading the reviews on mybestsmoker, I realized that smoke hollow would be the perfect choice for that.

Best service 24/7

If you are interested to buy any of the best electric smokers in town, then I would highly recommend you to read some of the leading reviews from MBS or mybestsmoker. It is a good option to save both money and time while buying a smoker or a grill from online shop. Don’t forget to check out the BBQ smoker recipes, books as well.

How to build an awesome bbq islands in 5 easy steps

If you have a big backyard and are a BBQ lover then building a BBQ island or to build a kitchen island could prove to be the most awesome thing to do to enrich your outdoor interior. This extra cooking facility will help you a lot you build reputation as a BBQ lover in your surroundings and will be also helpful, if you are into throwing BBQ parties frequently.

Normally BBQ islands are in two types

One is a single grill, BBQ and the other one is obviously a double grill BBQ island. According to your budget, space and your taste, you can go with any of the mentioned BBQ island you want.

If you are looking for the perfect instructions on how to build a BBQ island of your own, then you have come to the right place. Here are 5 steps to build an awesome BBQ island:

  1. Designing the island

Before going for all the stones and rubbles, you have to have a perfect design for the island. As BBQ islands come in various sizes and shapes, you have to have a design done by local contractors or interior designers. The indoor or electric smokers which you currently use also has a great influence in the designing process of a BBQ smoker. If you have a top quality electric smoker at your home already then it would save you both money and labor cost for while planning to build your own BBQ islands.

To save money on outdoor built in grill, you can check out some of the best electric smoker review online, to choose which smokers are better and which are not.

  1. Constructing the metal structure

As you are done with the design, now it’s time to build the metal structure. If you have a detail and perfect design concept for your outdoor BBQ island, with a little bit of craftsman experience, you can build this metal structure by yourself within 1-2 days.

The structure will normally have the outer structure and the inner box’s to put your smokers and grills. Ask your interior designer to provide you with a detail design so that you can get the perfect design concept for your outdoor BBQ island.

  1. Placing the backer boards

As now you are done with building the steel or aluminum structure of your outdoor built in grill, the next stop in out how to build a grill island or how to build a BBQ island is setting up the backer boards. These are very flexible boards, which you can resize and place easily to cover up the excess areas of your  island. These boards and very light and costs less than hardboard sheets.

  1. Placing your existing smokers

Now it’s time to grab a smoker and put it into our island. As you have already blocked the excess part of the island with backer boards, placing the electric smokers should not be heard. Avoid putting too much cable and tools within the island. If you don’t have any electric smoker in your house, then you have to build a custom on within the island. This will bleed more money from your pocket and you will face more hassle in the long run. So, going for electric smokers that matches the size of your BBQ island plans would be a very good idea.

       5.  Put some style in it

Let’s bring some style in the BBQ island. According to your taste and budget, you can put ceramics, stone beads or just simply paint-all around the island to make it look beautiful. Do whatever you like to make the place look awesome and there is no regulation about that at all. Just remember to make the island an awesome place to hangout and a place which is dry.

Let’s fire up some grills

Now you are all prepared and might have a draft plan about how your BBQ island is going to look like. As your BBQ island is not going to build itself, lets gets started and build an awesome island.

How to get the best commercial BBQ smoker for your restaurants

Thinking about buying some BBQ smoker for your restaurant? Well, look no further as today I have an informative article for you, that will help you to choose the best option from hundreds of commercial BBQ smokers on the market.

Reviews from mybestmoker.com

I collected the sources and materials for this article last week when my friend stanza asks me to give him some tips on buying some of the best commercial BBQ smokers for restaurants. I searched a lot on amazon and ebay to find the perfect commercial grills to buy within budget. But there were too many options on amazon and ebay and very few of them had the reviews of so called real review writers. I have found that people who had great experience with a smoker talked more and more about the good side, totally ignoring the negative. Same opposite situation was true for the counterparts as well. So, I started reading personal blogs and review sites with true and detailed reviews on best quality commercial BBQ smokers for restaurants. After 2 days of searching I got the link to the best electric smoker reviews, that covered everything you need to know about smokers and also provides the most discount on smokers and grills.

All about Mybestsmoker.com

This review site is maintained by some of the most experienced BBQ and grill cooks from California. The website provides excellent details on a part by part manner to provide the complete information about a smoker to its readers. From how to find the best smoker for personal use to finding the best commercial BBQ smokers on the market, they have tips on all of them. Here are the top 3 ways which mybestsmoker site will help you as a customer of commercial BBQ smokers.

Choosing the best option

This site is not about hundreds of options with thousands of reviews from various buyers. No. These sites currently host 6-8 top most smokers which have very good reputation in the market and have provided the highest level of values to its customers. On the home page you will find all about the leading electric grills and smokers in the market. From their brand details it’s size and everything, everything is there.

Getting the perfect verdict

When I was searching online to find resources on the best smoker for my friend’s restaurant, I have found that most of the reviews and posts were from people who are using grills and smokers for domestic purposes. But I needed smokers for a totally different thing.

Mybestsmoker has written their reviews to help people with domestic and commercial smoker needs. The reviews mentioned everything from size to perfect temperature. As you know, buying the perfect smoker with the perfect size and energy is important. With the help of the reviews from mybestsmoker, I exactly got what I was looking for. My friend was really happy with the commercial grillswhich we ordered from the site.

Comparison charts

If you are in a hurry to choose the perfect smoker or grill for your restaurant kitchen, then do take a look at the best electric smoker review chart. It has all the data you need for leading smoker and grills which will help you to choose the perfect smoker for your commercial kitchen in no time. 

Now it’s your turn

Buying a commercial grill is not at all a tough call, if you have the proper resources at hand. Don’t make your buying process tougher buy searching elaborately online. Why not give mybestsmoker.com a try and let them help you with the perfect and most accurate information from the commercial electric smoker industry.

How to make a small BBQ smoker

Planning to have a party in your backyard? Why don’t have a BBQ smoker to have some delicious food on the table? Come on. You cannot have a great party without BBQs as nothing says “a party is on” like fragrant smoke coming out of your grill or smoker.

For the ones who don’t have a decent smoker in their home-well, you are in luck as today I will tell you some of the easiest way to make small grills within minutes. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it, no need to go to the local market even. These tips will help you to build small barbecue grills with the things we normally have in our home. So, let’s get started.

Barrel meat smoker

Building small barbecue grills with drum barrels is one of the oldest and easiest ways of them all. To build this you need an open wide tin barrel, which doesn’t have holes or cracks in its bottom. You can go for cog sized barrels, but cake or chocolate tins will do the work too. Then find a microwave shelf or made up one with straight steels.

After you are done with the preparation part, fire up some wood and make some charcoals and put it in the barrel; and you are good to go. Bring the meat and fishes to BBQ them on your very own small home made grill. On a special note, if you find that the tin is getting too much hot and the surrounding areas are getting burned or turning into reddish pattern; take a screwdriver or a tin cutter and make some very tiny holes in them. It will create ventilation on the tin that will keep the charcoals hot for long enough.

Wooden BBQ box

If you use BBQs too often than making small grills from wooden boxes will be a good idea for you. The wooden boxes that come with beer or wine delivery will go beautifully with this cause.

Making such small barbeque grills are easy. First collect a wooden box and attach four wooden stands on the bottom four corners of the box. Then cut the upper portion of the box to create a space holder for a chicken nest to place the wood charcoal there. Now that you are ready with your small BBQ get some wood and make charcoals out of them and put them on your very own small meat smoker. You are ready to go.

Long term solutions

If you don’t want to go into the hassle of building a short lived BBQ grill of smoker every time, then buying a good quality small grill would be the best option for you. According to the best electric smoker reviews publishes on mybestsmoker.com.

Emson electric smokers are most handy and easy to use a small indoor smoker plus grill on the market. They are really easy to use and don’t take too much space whatsoever.

These smokers run on electricity and you can easily wash them after you are done with doing BBQ; which makes these smokers really handy to have at home.these smokers have built in electronics to make sure that you get the most delicious BBQs every time, which is a very helpful hand for the ones who are now in doing BBQs and using smokers. This is the best small electric smoker on your budget.

Which one is your favorite?

Now that you know all about how to make or buy small grills and small smoker at home, it is time to collect the necessary items and build or buy one for yourself. By the way, which one is your favorite? Let me know.


Why should you get a best small electric smoker?

Smokers are an integral part of US community. Every social gathering has to have a grill or smoker to cook delicious smoked delicacies. But now that people are moving to cities, it is not possible to have a backyard, or a classic smoker even to cook delicious food in our very own backyard. But smallsmokers are the solution to that. Now companies like Amazon are coming up with small electric smokers which are perfectly as good as old classic sneakers. So, if you don’t have the luxury to have a classic smoker or grill at home, why don’t you try to smaller ones? Well, here is 3 reasons why you should get one best small electric smoker.

  1. Handy cooking

Love smoky delicacies? Well, you cannot make a perfect grill without having a smoke. It is as simple as that. I myself have tried a lot to do some BBQs with my kitchen oven, but could not find that smoky flavor with that delicious juice which I was actually looking for. So at last I went online and read some of the best electric smoker reviews and ordered one of the small electric smokers for myself.

  1. Usability

Small BBQ grills are built to help out its users to have perfect BBQs in no time. Most of the grills come with presets and electronic controllers which are designed to help its users to enjoy delicious BBQs without extra hustle.

You can place these smokers in your kitchen as they are not very large. Although most of these smokers and grills are not larger than a pressure cooker, they do help to cook a decent amount of BBQs for a party. You can easily do BBQs for 5-6 person with a small smoker.

  1. Energy efficiency

As most of the classic smokers needed a lot of resources to fire up the grill; well for these small electric smokers, you don’t have to go through that a lot. Most of the leading smoker providers now days sell customized wooden briquettes that you can use on any small BBQ smoker to produce the quality amount of  smoke to make delicious smoky BBQs. It is both time and cost saving, not to mention the advantage of having an awesome smoker is amazing.

How save more on a small electric smoker?

Well, as you know there are more than hundred electric smoker brands out there which makes the buying process difficult for the customers. So, to make thing easier I am going to help you with resources that help me to buy kitchen appliances, especially smokers and grills easier than anyone else. And the best part is I buy them with a cheaper price quote than others.

About mybestsmoker.com

Mybestsmoker.com is a leading best electric smoker review site which provides quality information about what is good and what is bad with the smoker and grill industry. Adding to the awesome best deal assurance, they also provide in-depth analysis for both domestic and commercial customers for smokers and grills. The reviews are short and simple that helps a lot, if you are in a hurry to make up a decision regarding which smoker to go with.

The site also provides quality e-book on step-by-step guidelines and BBQ recipes, written for both large and small BBQ smoker users. Besides ordering one of the best small grills, you can also order the e-books from the website as well. If you ask me this is the best quality online resources on BBQ smokers and grills on the market.